ABM Manufacturer Services


ABM manage each stage of any motorcycle’s development or offer its technical  expertise when required.

Firstly, we look to understand the motorcycles purpose and then move to agree the basic design around what is the beating heart of any motorcycle, the engine and the chassis.

From here we outline the overall aesthetics having matched those to the proposed performance required. With this information we can complete the initial design idea after which we move from component sketches to a completed concept, either by way of a sketch or a render.

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Power is nothing without control and chassis geometry will make or break a motorcycle dependent upon its purpose.  

This element requires careful choice and set-up, whether it be a full on race bike requiring critical weight bias and chassis flex, through to cruiser or sports based road bike, ABM has the skill set and knowledge to advise set-up and ensure the right outcome.

Our experienced staff can offer a complete diagnosis of your current set-up in a written or digital format that will allow you to use data software to track and monitor your changes until you reach the required handling.


Once a rolling chassis is ready the bodywork is completed in CAD based around a 360-degree scan of the finished chassis and engine, this allows for careful analysis of fitment, function and respective clearances.  

The CAD work will then be used to machine the initial tooling moulds which will take us to our prototype ready for testing, of course it doesn’t end there.

Many more components require sourcing or manufacturing before the first bike is ready for our Dyno and road tests.

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Testing & Single Vehicle
Type Approval

As part of our service we offer a full testing schedule of the product over a 10,000 mile period, this will include climate, fatigue, engine life and electricals.

All motorcycles are built with due consideration to SVA rules and the initial test is carried out by ABM.