ABM GP2 Motorcycles

The Associated British Motorcycles (ABM) range of motorcycles have been designed for racers and track day enthusiasts.

We have three models available within our GP2 Motorcycle range, the GP2 EVO, GP2 GEN 1 and GP2 GEN 2. 

Each model is developed with the latest technology, giving you exceptional performance on the race track. Whether you are a track day racer, amatuer or professional racer we can supply you with a bespoke solution to fit your budget and skill level.

ABM GP2 Motorcycles

The GP2 EVO has been designed for racing and track day enthusiasts. It's the ultimate Supersport bike with power ranging from 125bhp to 135bhp at the rear wheel.

The GP2 GEN 1 began in 2017 which was the catalyst for the new GP2 series, taking pole on it's very first outing and now showcased within the BSB Supersport Championship.

THE GP2 GEN 2 was launched at Oulton Park Race Circuit in 2019,  it is an improved model boasting the latest technology available in the industry. 

We enjoyed a seccessful season in the British GP2 Championship with Mason Law where we scored two victories and eight podiums in the ten races we competed in.